Enrollment in the Women's Alzheimer's Movement Prevention and Research Center at Cleveland Clinic starts with a comprehensive online assessment that will help us understand some of your risks for Alzheimer's disease. Your answers will help your doctors make personalized recommendations for how you can reduce your risks. We ask you to commit about 90 minutes to complete this assessment before your first appointment to allow your doctors to fully focus on your results and personalized recommendations prior to your appointment. In other words, we hope that putting this time in now will help you make the most of your time with us.

The following questionnaires will take you through basic information about eligibility, and will then ask questions about your health, family, and personal history, as well as your current mood, stress, sleep, and diet. You do NOT need to complete this entire assessment at one time.


After you complete each section of the assessment, that section will close and you will not be able to go back. However, the last questionnaire will include space for you to note anything you would like ot add or change.


The assessment will not give you feedback about your answers. Results will be sent to our clinic staff for review before your first appointment. After all of your assessment forms are complete and your information has been reviewed by our clinic staff, we will call you to schedule your first clinic visit.


At your first clinic visit, you will complete a series of computer and paper-based tests of memory and thinking. These results will be reviewed prior to your appointments with our clinic doctors. At those appointments, you will receive a personalized summary of your online and in-person assessment results which will also be described to you by your WAM Prevention and Research Center doctors. Your doctors will also give you personalized recommendations on how to make lifestyle changes based on Alzheimer's disease prevention guidelines.


Remember, if you have an urgent need or an emergency medical, psychological, or otherwise-this online assessment is not the place to share it. Please seek urgent care, emergency, or routine care treatment in your home area, or call 911.


This data capture system is secure and HIPAA compliant.

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